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Celebrating 10 years of Wolves and Humans

Will you help give wolves, bears and lynx a future in Europe's last wild places?

The Wolves and Humans Foundation is a UK based charity dedicated to the conservation of Europe’s large carnivores - wolves, bears and lynx.

We are entirely volunteer run and are committed to ensuring that as much as possible of the money we raise goes directly to helping large carnivores.

On this website you can find information about these animals and the threats to their survival. Learn about the problems encountered when these predators live alongside people, the work Wolves and Humans is doing to ensure their future in the wild, and how YOU can help.

Join us today, and help to meet the challenge of living with Europe's large carnivores.

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Recommended Spring reading for 2015:

 Gatekeeper by Kay Sexton

In Wolf Country by Jim Yuskavitch

Wolves and Humans is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board. Click the logo to see our Fundraising Promise

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