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Adopt a Wild Wolf Pack

Wolves and Humans' unique wild adoption scheme has been helping wolves since 1996. You can now choose from free-living wolf packs in southern and western Poland.

The Grapa and Halny Packs

The Grapa and Halny Packs live in the Beskidy Mountains of southern Poland, close to the border with Slovakia, and forms part of an important continuous population linking eastern Europe with the west. Now they are under pressure from logging, road-building, increasing recreational activity in their forest home, and legal hunting on the Slovak side of the border and need your help.

Adopt a Wild Wolf Pack Grapa

The Little Pine Pack

The Little Pine Pack is one of the pioneering wolf packs that have begun to recolonise the Lower Silesian Forest in western Poland, close to the German border. This fledgling population originated in eastern Poland and is important for the spread of wolves to other parts of Europe. Their progress is a test of how we can adapt to living with recovering wolf populations and is being closely monitored.

Adopt a Wild Wolf Pack Little Pine

Adopt a wild wolf pack map