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Portrait of a young female European grey

Our People


Richard Morley - Director and trustee

Richard has over 25 years experience of large carnivore conservation since starting out at the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre in Portugal.  A co-founder of the Wolves and Humans Foundation in 2005, he is also an advisor to the Slovak Wildlife Society.


Troy Bennett - Trustee

Troy Bennett has worked in the French Alps as a shepherd, guide and professional tracker, since 1992. He has studied wolves in France, Romania, Poland and Portugal, and has given talks in several countries about his experiences as a shepherd in France when wolves returned in the early 1990s.


Dr Robert Howie Smith - Trustee

Robert has spent over 20 years studying the myths and legends surrounding wolves. He has travelled extensively in the mountain regions of Northern Spain, Italy and North America, following stories about wolves told across time. An artist and photographer, Robert has produced a number of exhibitions to promote conservation of the wolf and other species.


Kate Morley - Trustee

Kate is a nature-based practitioner with a background in clinical science, and has  worked in both the public and private sectors. She has a  passion for the outdoors, and believes in the restoration of wild places and species to address the climate and biodiversity crises. Kate is a Parish Nature Warden in Devon, helping the local community to become more involved with the natural world.  

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